Mary macdonald portrayed by Lucy Hale

Mary Elizabeth Macdonald is a Muggle-born Gryffindor at Hogwarts school and a canon character in the Harry Potter books.  Her parents are greengrocers. She is a close friend of Lily Evans and Marlene Price. She dated various boys, the most notable of whom was Umbert Stebbins, who she caught cheating on her with Shelley Mumps. She befriended Reginald Cattermole, whom she calls Reg (after much ado).

It is revealed in Chapter 20: "Moments" that Mary Macdonald can see Thestrals.

Physical Description Edit

Mary is described as petite, brunette and very pretty with the same large hazel eyes as her mother.

She wears a lot of makeup and is decribed as quite flirtaious and often frivolous. However, throughout the series, she becomes a character of hidden depth, often comforting giving sound advice. She has average grades which seems to reflect her intelligence. 

Relationships Edit

Marlene Price Edit

Mary's most notable relationship is that with her bestfriend, Marlene Price. It is implied that Mary and Marlene grew up together, asame apartment building in muggle London. Marlene is often exacerbated by Mary's seemingly cavilier approach to the war and schoolwork, and her obsession with boys, however, they have a steadfast friendship, rarely arguing throughout the series. 

Lily Evans Edit

Mary also mantains a close friendship with Lily Evans, they have several classes together, and when Mary discovers Stebbin's infidelity, Lily allows Mary to stay with her in the head girl suite for several days. 

Fellow Gryffindors Edit

Mary mantains a casual friendship with the other Gryffindor students in her year, not seeming to be especially close to any of them. However, after the Stebbins cheats on her with Shelley Mumps, a fellow Gryffindor student in Mary's dormitory, Mary begins to hate Shelley, often seen fighting with her. 

Reginald Cattermole Edit

Throughout the series, Mary begins a friendship with Reginald Cattermole, who it appears she is intrigued by, he is not her usual type of guy, however she seems frustrated when, during a discussion with him, he admits his feelings for Lily. hi 

After "the Life and Times" Edit

It is believed by many that Mary will end up marrying Reginald Cattermole, and become Mary Cattermole, who we meet briefly in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" when Ron use polyjuice potion to turn into Reginald, so that the trio can get access to the Ministry of Magic.